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Amorphous Web Solutions… it’s a name I came up with quite a few years ago while attempting to convey that the web, and now, the “Internet of Things” is evolving at a break-neck pace. And how we need to be constantly evolving ourselves as developers to meet the demands of these inevitable changes to help shape them.

My name is Jeff Cicero, I’m a full-stack web developer with 10+ years of experience – mostly in the open source world of PHP / MySQL / MariaDB. I’ve built a lot of sites across a wide array of sectors including higher education, health care, non-profits, renewable energy and many more.

I’ve developed most of these sites in either WordPress or Drupal, including custom-built themes and plugins from the ground up for the former and modules / themes for the latter. These CMS’s fit well into the client centric model, as both can be tailored to create powerful yet easy to use UIs. You can get an idea of what I’ve worked on recently in the portfolio section.

No one can be all work and no play though – at least most of us – so I’m always working on my own projects and enhancements to existing ones. The JavaScript revolution has been an exciting time, and I’ve been able to infuse sites with light to heavy doses of React or Angular to make them more performant or simply enhance the user experience. Even with ES6 (harmony) by itself comes promises (amongst so many others) and promise-based HTTP clients like Axios that make AJAX calls elegant and simple. Those who are familiar with WordPress and the WP AJAX action mechanism know how badly it needs a replacement.

Check out the code section for some examples. I’m adding new posts here regularly, and hope to find the time to write some detailed tutorials.